We all know that the PH scale ranges from 0 to 14, zero being the lowest and 14 being the highest level. The highest level of PH (14) in the water is the indication of high alkalinity and on the other hand, if that level is 0, it would be an indication of high acidity. Hence, if you want to keep a perfect balance between alkalinity & acidity, keeping the PH level of the water at around 7 (7.2 to 7.6) would be the best practice.

Below we have put a light on the disadvantages and risks involved in not maintaining a balanced PH level in the pool water:

Disadvantages of Low PH level

The skin of the swimmer swimming in the water with a low PH level (<7) can get red, irritated, and itchy. It is just like getting shampoo or soap into your eyes. If the pool water is too acidic, it may have even worse effects on the swimmer’s health, leading to a medical emergency.

In addition, this level of PH may also cause the metallic ladder of the pool to erode, thus leading to a more dangerous situation for the swimmer.

Disadvantages of High PH level

A higher PH level (greater than 7.6) usually makes the water dirty or cloudy, which can eventually lead to risks for the swimmer’s health. Further, it may also cause some issues in the plumbing equipments of the pool.

Maintaining the PH level in the pool

When it comes to the maintenance of the pool PH, it is necessary to keep checking its level daily on a regular basis with the use of test strips in order to make sure that it is fine, healthy, and acceptable. It should be kept in mind that not only the things like leaves & other debris but also the people swimming in the pool can cause a disturbance in its PH balance. Maintaining the right level of PH in the pool water is a continuous process.

Final Words

As mentioned above in this article, both low as well as high levels of pool PH are harmful to swimmers. So it is recommended to keep it in check. An unbalanced PH not only causes health hazards for the swimmer but also makes the swimming uncomfortable. On the other hand, a balanced PH (or the PH maintained within the recommended limits) would ensure the safety and comfort of the swimmer.

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