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The Role of Your Pool Skimmer

Simply put, your pool skimmer is designed to remove contaminants from pool water before they sink to the bottom. That includes leaves, hair, sunscreen, perspiration, along with other bodily fluids and contaminants such as rain runoff and bird droppings that pose a health concern to swimmers.

Both in-ground and above-ground pools have skimmers and they serve the same purpose. In-ground pools have skimmers built into the sides of the pool. Above-ground pools will have a free-floating skimmer that roams the surface of the water and performs the same function.

The skimmer is the beginning point for your pool circulation system. Skimmers draw approximately 1/8 of an inch of water from the surface. While a pool can function without a skimmer, its value is significant. Skimmers prevent a wide variety of debris from being sucked into the pool’s water pipes that can result in clogs.

The removal of debris by a skimmer aids in preventing the water in your pool from becoming cloudy or experiencing a major algae outbreak. Maintaining your skimmer in good condition helps reduce wear and tear on your pool pump that can extend its life and delay expensive replacement costs.

Frequent pool usage and the number of swimmers involved increase the number of contaminants entering the water. Those impurities encompass a multitude of products that are routinely used every day. They include shampoo, makeup, soap, body lotions and deodorant, along with dead skin cells. That’s why it’s a good idea to have swimmers shower before they use the pool, or rinse down at the very least.

Your skimmer removes surface debris, but don’t forget to regularly vacuum your pool to remove contaminants that adhere to the bottom and sides. However, be aware that automated pool cleaners aren’t able to adequately reach the corners of pools so you’ll have to clean them manually or hire a pool professional.

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Why Add a Spa to your Pool Plan

Spas are becoming an increasingly common feature in swimming pool plans and they have a variety of benefits. Most people typically imagine an enclosed space, but in South Florida they’re essentially open-air pools that attach directly to the swimming pool. They provide a warm and inviting oasis where you can relax after a swim. They also add value to the home and enhances pool design.

A spa can even be added to an existing pool. The modern aquatic features are installed below-ground just like the pool. They’re attached to the pool, but the pool is separated from the swimming pool with a dam-like wall. Spas have a variety of therapeutic benefits and you’ll wonder why you waited to have one installed.

Pain Relief

The warm water of your spa provides welcome relief from the aches associated with strenuous exercise to the pain of arthritis. They’re equally appropriate for recovering after an accident. Spas can be designed with jets that help soothe the body while you relax in any position that best accommodates your body.


A spa isn’t just for relaxing. It can also act as a therapeutic place to exercise. The water buoys the body and reduces the stresses of gravity. You can move more freely in water for an effective low-impact workout that’s also effective cardio. You can even add light weights if you’d like for a more intensive exercise routine.


Heated water supports overall wellness and is particularly beneficial for improving circulation that enhances the body’s own innate healing abilities. A spa aids in helping the body pump essential oxygenated blood. Improved circulation benefits the entire body.


A spa is great for promoting better sleep. The heated water warms the body and facilitates mental relaxation similar to what happens when your body prepares for slumber. Just be careful and don’t fall asleep in the spa.

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