A swimming pool is an effective way to cool off during the hot days of summer, but some people are actually looking for ways to cool down their pool. Before you begin throwing blocks of ice into the pool, keep in mind that doing so isn’t effective and there are a number of better alternatives.

An increasing number of people are attributing pool temperatures of up to 90 degrees to the effects of global warming. Whether it’s climate change or a lack of sufficient shade near the pool, there are some practical ways to lower the temperature of your pool.


Trees planted around the pool provide welcome shade and will aid in reducing the amount of sun reaching the water, thereby lowering the temperature of pool water.


Many restaurants mist their patios in the summer to create a cooler dining environment for patrons. You can accomplish the same effect by misting down the pool area. It won’t reduce the temperature of the pool water, but it will make the entire pool area more comfortable.

Fountains and Falls

Adding a fountain or waterfall to your pool provides an excellent focal point and is an excellent way to cool a pool. The constant movement of the water cools it through evaporation. You don’t need to perform expensive renovations to enjoy the effects of a fountain.

There are a number of fountains that attach to the pool return. However, it may also result in the need to add water to the pool more often. You’ll also need to monitor and adjust chemical levels accordingly.

Evaporative Coolers

You can lower your pool temperature from 5 to 10 degrees depending upon the size of the pool and the cooler unit. They can be installed as part of the plumbing system of the pool. They’re essentially fans and can be highly effective.

Reversible Heat Pump

They’re highly effective, but they’re also expensive. The pumps can be well worth the cost if you find that your pool experiences consistently warm and uncomfortable swimming temperatures.

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