One of the best things about pool maintenance is that those services can be left to professionals. They have the knowledge, experience, and training to ensure every aspect of your pool is handled efficiently and effectively. However, you should be aware that maintenance packages can vary significantly among pool services.

Pool maintenance encompasses much more than simply monitoring pH levels and adding chemicals. Some companies provide a set number of services at specific intervals, while others tailor pool maintenance packages to the needs of the individual. The following are basic services that every pool maintenance package should include.

  • Check pH, alkalinity, and related chemical levels
  • Add chemicals when appropriate
  • Provide green pool clean up
  • Examine filters and clean or replace as necessary
  • Skim leaves and debris from the pool surface
  • Provide leak detection services
  • Ensure pumps and pool heaters are working optimally and provide replace/repair services
  • Remove and vacuum algae from the walls and bottom of the pool, along with slides and ladders

There are also other services that pool professionals offer that are specialties. Saline-based pool systems are becoming more popular and not every pool service is familiar with them. The salt-based pools have some different requirements and it’s important that you ensure that the pool service you select is experienced with those types of systems.

Superior pool companies also provide equipment sales and installation, along with pool repairs. The companies may also be able to provide pool installation, remodeling, and renovation services. There may also come a time when you want to consider resurfacing your pool and professional pool service will have the expertise to do so.

In areas with hard water, it doesn’t take long for mineral deposits to collect on pool surfaces. Pool professionals can provide an acid wash to remove those deposits and aid in minimizing staining.

Most important of all, make sure the pool professional you hire for maintenance and service work is trained, certified and licensed to perform the services for which they’re contracted.

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