Anyone that has a pool knows the work that goes into maintaining it. With the technological advances available today, there are multiple upgrades that can make life easier for pool owners and allow them to spend more time enjoying their pool. Many can be operated with a convenient phone app.

Automatic Cleaning

The systems save a significant amount of time for pool owners and reduces the amount of effort spent in manual cleaning. Bear in mind that periodic manual cleaning will be required by homeowners or by a pool professional since the vacuum systems can’t reach into corners.

Energy Efficiency

LED pool lights, eco-friendly cartridge filters and multiple speed pumps reduce electric bills and can save pool owners up to 90 percent on costs, depending upon the pool and equipment. Energy-efficient pool systems also reduce the time spent cleaning and back washing filters.

Salt Water Chlorinators

A saltwater chlorinator excels at convenience. It eliminates the need for liquid, granular or chlorine tablets. The technology is especially beneficial now with the current chlorine shortage. Chlorine levels are automatically monitored, substantially reducing the potential for itchy eyes and green hair that often occurs as a result of imbalanced chlorine levels.

Smart Controls

Accessing controls for pool lighting, heaters, water features and cleaning can be extremely inconvenient and it’s even worse when someone forgets to turn everything off at the end of the evening. Smart control systems can be operated directly from a mobile device to take care of all those tasks.

UV Sanitation

Pool owners can reduce the amount of time spent adding chemicals – and cleaning – with a UV sanitizing system that uses ultraviolet light. The systems won’t affect the appearance of the pool or cause damage to it. The sanitizers will kill a majority of the microorganisms that inhabit pool water and reduce the number of chemicals required.

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