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pool deck

Great Accents for your Pool Deck

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to decorate your pool deck to make it more inviting, comfortable, and expand the uses for the space. A good place to begin is with seating. One of the great things about furnishings for the pool deck is that they’re waterproof, comfortable, stylish, and can also provide additional storage space for games and other items.

Umbrellas and Canopies

You can choose an umbrella or canopy to accommodate any style and provide much-needed shade during the hottest portion of the day. There’s a myriad of styles from which to choose that enables anyone to decorate the space to resemble a Caribbean getaway or a posh resort.

Fireplace and Heaters

A fireplace promotes togetherness and provides a focal point for gathering. If you don’t have the space or budget for an outdoor fireplace, there are outdoor heaters that can serve multiple purposes.


Gathering around the grill is a favorite family pastime in the summer. A grill or an outdoor kitchen provides the facilities for a planned celebration or an impromptu get together.


Whether it’s the adults gathering at the bar for drinks or a smoothie party for the kids, there are multiple bar styles from which to choose. You can select from those in the style of a beachfront tiki bar or a more sophisticated option.

Media Lounge

An increasing number of people are transforming their pool deck into media centers complete with waterproof TVs. It’s a great place to play video games, watch sports events, or hold a family film night.

Decorative Lighting

You can transform your pool deck into a wonderland of light and color. The illumination will also provide an extra level of safety around the pool. Multiple options are available encompassing string lights in shapes, colored lanterns, or solar-powered deck lights.


Food and drink are the great uniters, bringing family and friends together to share good times. It’s easy to be prepared for guests with the addition of a mini cooler to hold beverages or a mini fridge to hold anything from beverages and condiments for the grill to cold treats.

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Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting Options you will Love

Few pool owners think about lighting when they install their pool. It’s only afterward that they wish they’d had some form of illumination installed. Pool lighting does more than just add an extra level of fun for nighttime swimming and entertaining. It improves the pool’s visibility for an increased level of safety.

Pool lighting can be plain white, but most people prefer color-changing illumination. Lighting is available in a rainbow of colors and can be programmed to create light shows. The lighting can also be incorporated into fountains and other types of water features and modern technology enable them to be controlled with a phone app. The following are the most popular types of pool lighting.


When it comes to LED lighting, pool owners can have their pools equipped with lights that are mounted directly into the pool walls. They’re mounted flush with the pool walls, don’t protrude into the pool area, and are quite durable. LED lights are brighter than traditional lighting options and they’re energy savers for cost-effective operation. They don’t require glass fixtures and that makes them safer.


For those that want solar lighting, plan on lights that float on top of the water and emanate light upward, outward or downward. They rely on built-in “batteries” for the sun to recharge. Some models require individuals to turn them on and off manually, while others can be controlled wirelessly. They’re typically round, but floral shapes are also available.

Fiber Optic

Fiber optic pool lights operate differently. The bulb is actually located in a dry box located on dry land near the pool. Light from the bulb travels through fiber optic cabling and into a specialized fitting in the pool wall, where it’s emitted into the water. One of the benefits is that the bulb is located above ground so it’s an easy matter to change it when needed, but the assembly also requires a fan to cool the bulb and the illumination level isn’t very bright compared to LEDs.

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Pool Lighting Ideas that don’t Disappoint

Lighting adds a fun element to any pool environment. Individuals have a wealth of options from which to choose and to accommodate any budget. Lighting can be incorporated into the pool build itself, but if pool owners overlooked this feature during the original pool installation, there are multiple alternatives that are equally attractive and fun.

Pool lights add aesthetic interest and character to swimming pools, but the illumination can also provide an added level of safety at night to highlight the location of pool edges, stairs and the bottom of the pool. Lighting makes the pool infinitely more useable during nighttime hours.


An extensive range of floating lights are available. They set on top of the water and they’re available in multiple colors. Some models have a pump included that will create a mini spray fountain. Another popular floating light has the ability to connect to phones via Bluetooth to play music.

Depending on the manufacturer, floating lights feature solar or USB capabilities for recharging. The lights are offered in multiple sizes to accommodate pools of any configuration. They come with features that can include a wireless remote control.

Pool owners don’t have to settle for “flat” lights. There are also orbs that are essentially floating balls of colored light that can be set to multiple modes and transitions such as fading, flashing, and blinking. They’re fun for adults and especially so for children of all ages.

Individuals can choose models that look like elegant floating lotus blossoms or sea life such as turtles, starfish and jellyfish, while pumpkin-shaped lights are perfect for Halloween.  One brand of floating lights projects silhouettes of fish and even a shark on the pool floor and walls. As the water moves, the projections appear as if they’re swimming. It’s easy for kids to imagine they’re in an aquarium or deep-sea diving.


This type of pool lighting uses weights, magnets or suction cups to hold them in the desired position on the bottom or sides of the pool. Many offer the same features as floating lights encompassing the ability to play music, be controlled remotely, and change colors.

Pool Toys

The fascination with light up pool toys isn’t limited to youngsters. Individuals can select from among giant pool toys encompassing swans and sharks to peacocks and unicorns. There are also inflatable balls that light up for a game of aquatic beach ball, along with light up goals for water-based basketball. Glow-in-the-dark game sets for a game of Sharks and Minnows are great for younger children, as are light up toys in various animal shapes for any number of traditional game variations.

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