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pool installations

Pool Remodeling Done Right

If you considering remodeling your swimming pool there are many ways you can upgrade or make changes that will have you spending more time poolside. Remodeling a swimming pool involves resurfacing and repairing the water systems. Also, it includes installing completely new features. These new features will enhance the swimming experience, customize the swimming area, and possibly add value to your home.

Hot Tub

Nothing will add luxury to a swimming pool than a spa, or hot tub. Also, a hot tub promotes health by providing hydrotherapy. There are three main healing components in a swimming pool hot tub – heat, massage, and buoyancy. So, a deep in the hot tub can relieve muscle pain and mental distress.


A waterfall can dramatically add to the visual appeal of a standard swimming pool. Imagine the sight of water cascading down natural stone into your swimming pool. Well, natural stone can be quite expensive. Fortunately, pool builders can create waterfalls using natural looking artificial stone at a very affordable price.


Pool lighting dictates how much fun you can have after dark. When designing the pool lighting, consider the pool size and design, and the landscape of your yard. For instance, the color of the pool’s interior finish will affect the lighting decisions. With Fiber optic and LED technology, lighting can be incorporated into the pool’s coping and walls. Up-lighting in the pool area is also a good idea. Put light bulbs on trees that are near the pool.

Automated Pool Controls

Swimming pool technology has taken great leaps over the past few years. Now, you can install automatic pool control systems. These computerized systems allow you to control water temperature, water jets, swimming pool lighting, cleaning cycles, and much more, on a wireless controller in your palms.

Now, imagine the possibilities. You can raise the temperature of the water on your way home for spa-like experience when you arrive.


If you ever visited a water park, then you know it would not have been any fun without a water slide. Waterslides now come in different sizes and design. Some are short and offer a quick drop into the water, while others are long and have corkscrew turns.
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New Pool Construction

Timeline for Your Dream Pool

A majority of people that decide to add a pool to their property’s amenities don’t understand the time that’s actually required to install a swimming pool. Each pool construction project is different with its own set of variables. The installer’s workload may be especially heavy or ground-related issues may arise, but a total time estimate is generally in the vicinity of 6-10 weeks.

Pool construction is a multi-step process. They must be installed to a specified set of criteria and permits must be obtained. Excavations will be part of the process and care will be required to avoid utility lines. The process begins by selecting a company that specializes in pool installations and talking with a designer.

The designer will make a physical visit to the property and examine the location where clients want their pool. He or she will discuss the details of what the client envision, make suggestions, and be able to assess the area for potential problems. When the details have been settled, it can take one to two weeks for the designer to present individuals with a rendering of how the completed project will look.

Securing the appropriate permits can be a tricky process. Some cities approve permits quickly if they’ve worked with the company before and they have an impeccable record. Other governmental units may require multiple approvals by the city’s engineer, appearing before a planning board, and obtaining input from neighbors. It can take a week or two, but in some instances it can take up to six months.

Jobs are completed in the order in which they’re received and a highly skilled and reputable builder often has a backlog of projects. This is especially true at certain times of the year. It may take one to four weeks from the time permits are approved until excavation begins. Add another week or two for installation of plumbing, electrical, and any special features such as lights and stereo systems.

A pool can be installed and have water in it in as little as two to seven days after excavation begins. Most problems arise from the construction of the patio area surrounding the pool. The hole around the pool must be filled and given time to settle to adequately support the patio. It can take one to four weeks for this step.

It may seem like forever from the time individuals begin the pool process to its completion since every pool installation project has a set of variables. When individuals are enjoying their new swimming pool and sipping cool drinks at poolside during the hottest part of the year, it will be well worth the wait.

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