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pool and spa

Don’t Skip the Spa when Designing your new Pool

There’s much to be said for the benefits of adding a spa when you install your new pool. The good news is that you can even add one to your existing pool and it will provide all the benefits of a hot tub. It can be ornamented and enhanced in a variety of ways with water, custom seating options, jets, mood lighting, a sound system, and tile colors.

Depending on the construction and design, the spa area will be separated with some type of barrier from the pool. The spa can be at the same height or slightly elevated, depending on personal preference. The spa area can be incorporated within the pool itself or created as a separate “pool.”

Most people prefer their spa to be the second type – connected yet separate from the swimming pool. You can choose a custom-built spa or one that’s pre-fabricated. Either can be easily incorporated into your landscape.

Adding a spa to your pool opens up new possibilities for health and wellness, along with lifestyle and even entertaining. Spas have multiple therapeutic benefits and are a great way to ease sore joints and muscles whether you have joint condition or you’re recovering from a gym workout.

Depending on your available space and personal preferences, you may choose to have a spa installed that’s entirely separate from the main pool. It can be done at the same time as the pool is installed or at a later date. If your available space is limited and you don’t have room for a traditional swimming pool, a warm water spa is an ideal alternative.

A spa is an effective method of hydrotherapy for sore joints and muscles. The warm water increases circulation and soothes away stress and tension. The spas are equally popular as a focal point for entertaining. An added benefit is that it adds value to your home and lifestyle, along with your mental, physical and emotional health.

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Why Add a Spa to your Pool Plan

Spas are becoming an increasingly common feature in swimming pool plans and they have a variety of benefits. Most people typically imagine an enclosed space, but in South Florida they’re essentially open-air pools that attach directly to the swimming pool. They provide a warm and inviting oasis where you can relax after a swim. They also add value to the home and enhances pool design.

A spa can even be added to an existing pool. The modern aquatic features are installed below-ground just like the pool. They’re attached to the pool, but the pool is separated from the swimming pool with a dam-like wall. Spas have a variety of therapeutic benefits and you’ll wonder why you waited to have one installed.

Pain Relief

The warm water of your spa provides welcome relief from the aches associated with strenuous exercise to the pain of arthritis. They’re equally appropriate for recovering after an accident. Spas can be designed with jets that help soothe the body while you relax in any position that best accommodates your body.


A spa isn’t just for relaxing. It can also act as a therapeutic place to exercise. The water buoys the body and reduces the stresses of gravity. You can move more freely in water for an effective low-impact workout that’s also effective cardio. You can even add light weights if you’d like for a more intensive exercise routine.


Heated water supports overall wellness and is particularly beneficial for improving circulation that enhances the body’s own innate healing abilities. A spa aids in helping the body pump essential oxygenated blood. Improved circulation benefits the entire body.


A spa is great for promoting better sleep. The heated water warms the body and facilitates mental relaxation similar to what happens when your body prepares for slumber. Just be careful and don’t fall asleep in the spa.

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