If you’re like most people, you’ll want to decorate your pool deck to make it more inviting, comfortable, and expand the uses for the space. A good place to begin is with seating. One of the great things about furnishings for the pool deck is that they’re waterproof, comfortable, stylish, and can also provide additional storage space for games and other items.

Umbrellas and Canopies

You can choose an umbrella or canopy to accommodate any style and provide much-needed shade during the hottest portion of the day. There’s a myriad of styles from which to choose that enables anyone to decorate the space to resemble a Caribbean getaway or a posh resort.

Fireplace and Heaters

A fireplace promotes togetherness and provides a focal point for gathering. If you don’t have the space or budget for an outdoor fireplace, there are outdoor heaters that can serve multiple purposes.


Gathering around the grill is a favorite family pastime in the summer. A grill or an outdoor kitchen provides the facilities for a planned celebration or an impromptu get together.


Whether it’s the adults gathering at the bar for drinks or a smoothie party for the kids, there are multiple bar styles from which to choose. You can select from those in the style of a beachfront tiki bar or a more sophisticated option.

Media Lounge

An increasing number of people are transforming their pool deck into media centers complete with waterproof TVs. It’s a great place to play video games, watch sports events, or hold a family film night.

Decorative Lighting

You can transform your pool deck into a wonderland of light and color. The illumination will also provide an extra level of safety around the pool. Multiple options are available encompassing string lights in shapes, colored lanterns, or solar-powered deck lights.


Food and drink are the great uniters, bringing family and friends together to share good times. It’s easy to be prepared for guests with the addition of a mini cooler to hold beverages or a mini fridge to hold anything from beverages and condiments for the grill to cold treats.

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