One of the advantages of a plunge pool is that it will fit in almost any space, even if your yard is small. With an average length of 20 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep, they can be placed virtually anywhere in your yard. Since they have a flat bottom, you don’t have to worry about dropping off into a “deep end.”

A plunge pool is essentially a mini pool. They’ve enjoyed extensive use in Australia and Europe and are one of the hottest trends in the U.S., especially where space is at a premium. They’re eco-friendly, using far less water than a traditional pool, and can be designed in multiple shapes to accommodate property lines and preferences.

Plunge pools provide an excellent way to cool off and have some water-based fun. An added benefit is that plunge pools can be designed with massage jets for relaxing or resistance jets for low-impact aerobic exercise to maintain health. The pools are also beneficial for those that require aquatic therapy after an injury and are particularly popular with athletes.

Just like a full-size pool, you can opt to install a variety of extras that includes LED lighting, heaters to extend usage time, and small water cascades or waterfalls. If you have children, it can be helpful for teaching them to swim, letting them splash around, or become more comfortable in the water.

Depending on the available space, you might also want to add a small patio or area for grilling. If you have a deck, a plunge pool can be incorporated into the deck itself. Even though a plunge pool requires far less space, the installation is similar to a full-size pool. Drains, filtration and skimmers will need to be installed for a safe and hygienic environment. Even though they’re smaller, plunge pools should never be viewed as a DIY project.

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