Fumbling around in the dark around pools and on decks is a recipe for disaster. The easy solution is the installation of no-fuss solar-powered lighting to improve safety and enjoyment of outdoor spaces. Solar lighting is effective, efficient, and easy on the budget.

Many people are under the misapprehension that solar lights only work if they receive full sunlight all day. Sunlight charges the batteries that enable them to work, but indirect sunlight, such as a cloudy day, or artificial light sources will also charge the batteries.

Solar-powered lighting has the added benefit of automatically turning on when a certain level of darkness has been achieved each night. Some are equipped with an on and off switch to preserve power when they’re not going to be used. However, their decorative nature makes them popular for accent lighting along decks and pools.

The range of solar-powered lighting is amazing and LED solar lights are far brighter than traditional types of illumination. There are units that come with a small stake that individuals simply push into the ground. Other options are designed to be located on stairs and railings that can simply be placed in certain locations or screws can be used to anchor them.

The push-in-the-ground type of lighting can also be used around the pool area, along with lanterns and other types of hanging solar lights. Floating solar lights are also available that can be placed directly on the pool water. Most people prefer to have a professional install solar lighting directly as part of the pool fixtures. Color-changing options are offered that can turn the pool area into a wonderland.

The range of solar lighting for pools and decks is vast, with a style to accommodate any preference. They provide an additional layer of safety and security on decks, pools, and stairs. Solar lights are eco-friendly and help individuals save money on outdoor lighting costs.

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