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6586 Hypoluxo Road #147 Lake Worth, Fl. 33467
Mon - Friday: 8:00 - 5:00
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pool cleaning
Pool Cleaning

At The Pool Guys Of Palm Beach we carry the latest in specialist equipment and expertise, coupled with an extensively trained team of technicians we’re ready to deep clean your pool to keep you and yours swimming all year long…

pool repairs
Pool Repairs

Pool Guys of Palm Beach offers affordable pool repairs by expert technicians. As State of Florida Licensed Pool and Spa Contractors, we are certified by the State of Florida to repair both residential and commercial pools.

professional pool company
Pool Resurfacing / Diamond Brite

When it comes to resurfacing your swimming pool choose a company that has over 25 years experience in the industry and countless happy clients….South Florida’s preferred pool resurfacing experts, The Pool Guys Of Palm Beach

pool equipment repair
Pool Equipment Installations

Want to make an upgrade to your pool but don’t want to risk damaging your pool that could result in added costly repairs?  Pool Guys of Palm Beach can help you with all your pool equipment installations and repairs.

pool leak detection
Pool Leak Detection

Our leak detection experts can detect if your pool is leaking within 10,000th of an inch.  With every leak detection , we pressurize your lines to detect breaks and use ultrasound listening devices to detect the exact location of any water loss.

Green Pool Cleanup

Pool Guys of Palm Beach are experts at transforming your green pool to blue again in the shortest time. With multiple solutions for performing a green cleanup, rest assured  we’ll turn the existing green water back to safe, blue, swimmable water.

pool acid wash
Pool Acid Wash

Need to revitalize your pools finish? Pool Guys of Palm Beach are experts at determining what type of stain or stains are ruining your pool surface and can provide acid wash services to remove unsightly stains to bring back your pools’ original finish

pool heating company
Pool Heating and Installation

Pool Guys of Palm Beach offers a full range of the top pool heaters for any residential or commercial pool heating applications. We offer the latest Pool Heating Equipment to ensure your pools the perfect temperature ALL YEAR LONG!

spa cleaning company
Spa Services

Pool Guys of Palm Beach can expertly clean and maintain your spa on a weekly/monthly basis. Depending on the type of spa you have (above ground vs. in-ground, covered or uncovered) will determine the type of service you need.

pool remodeling
Pool Remodeling

Thank you for considering Pool Guys of Palm Beach for your pool remodeling project. We have been constructing and remodeling pools, spas, lighting, and water features for over 25 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

pool construction
New Pool Construction

Looking for New Pool Construction? At The Pool Guys of Palm Beach we have been creating beautiful new pool construction for South Florida Home Owners, HOA’s, Hospitality industy’s and more. We are a State of Florida Certified Pool/Spa Contractor

Pool Property Managment
Foreclosed Pool Repair / Maintenance

A big issue with swimming pools in South Florida is the potential health hazards and code violations on foreclosed properties or vacant homes. Our property management works with property managers and realtors to help keep your pool ready year-round.


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    Pool Guys of Palm Beach
    6586 Hypoluxo Rd, #147
    Lake Worth, Florida 33467
    Phone: (561) 967-6092