Nothing is less inviting than a pool with cloudy or murky water. One of the first things that new pool owners typically discover they have to contend with is an ongoing battle to keep the water in their pool sparkling clear and fresh looking. It’s not just an aesthetic concern, keeping the pool water clear is also a health issue.

pH Levels

The best way to avoid the need for a myriad of chemicals is through easy, preventative maintenance. The pH levels of the pool should be checked approximately twice a week during the summer, possibly more depending upon the number of people using the pool and the frequency.

A variety of factors affect pH levels, from UV rays to water temperatures. Controlling the pH levels is essential and the better the pH levels, the less chlorine individuals will have to use.

Skimmers and Filters

The job of skimmer baskets is to catch contaminants and debris from the top of the water before it has a chance to sink to the bottom. The basket should be cleaned weekly. A clean basket will ensure effective skimming of the water.

The filter system on a pool should be checked regularly and the filter replaced as needed or sand added, depending upon the type of filtration system the pool employs. It’s always a good idea to clean the filter after a storm. If there’s a significant amount of flowers or trees near the pool, be watchful for vegetative material that can get in the pool.

The Pool

In-ground pools can develop cracks, leaks or tears in liners over time that may not be immediately obvious. It’s a good idea to check the floor and walls of the pool, particularly if it’s been in the ground for some time.

Professional pool maintenance companies employ high-tech methods that save time and are able to discern even the smallest of damage. It’s just one of the reasons that a majority of pool owners choose to hire a professional pool company for their needs.
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