South Florida is loaded with swimming pools both in yards and in common areas of condo and apartment communities.  It’s important to keep a watchful eye on children at all times in order keep kids safe when it comes to swimming pools and hot tubs. There’s plenty of things you can do to prevent accidents from happening. If you’re a homeowner with a pool, it’s also your responsibility to ensure everyone’s safety including intruders. In this week’s blog, we point out some important things to keep in mind for drowning prevention.

Florida consistently ranks in the top 5 states for drownings and near-drowning cases in children under the age of 5. With that information in mind, it’s vital to be sure to keep our kids safe.

Pool Fence

Make sure that gates and pool enclosures are working properly. If you have alarms installed on your pool gate, then be sure to test it each year. Make the month of April your month to do this type of maintenance, and you’ll be assured throughout the rest of the year.

Pool Covers

When the pool is not in use, consider investing in an automatic pool cover that’s enclosed and sealed to prevent little swimmers from falling in unexpectedly. With many of the manufactured designs on the market today, you can walk on top of these covers without falling in and creating a disaster. We highly recommend them, and you can find them by doing an online search. Be sure to install them correctly, and you’re ready to go without having paramedics showing up.

Rescue Training/CPR

After you’ve taken the necessary precautions for securing the pool, be sure everyone who is responsible can administer CPR. Contact your local government offices and hospitals to find out when the classes are available. We highly advise anyone with a pool on their property has at least one person who is certified with CPR training. Taking these necessary precautions is imperative.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons can help prevent drowning but are not guaranteed.  Learning how to swim opens up a new kind of fun. Swimming, diving, pool games and exercise are all great ways to have fun in the water. However, accidents can and do occur which is why it is always essential to have adult supervision .

By taking all these measures, you’ll be able to enjoy your swimming season more without stressing over the possibilities of disaster.
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