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Adding an Awning to Your Pool Area

An awning for your pool area can make the environment much more comfortable and inviting. They can be installed at the same time as the pool or added afterward. The range of available awnings encompasses fixed and retractable styles in manual and motorized models to accommodate aesthetic concerns and your individual needs. They’re available in a multitude of colors and patterns.

Retractable awnings can be unfurled when needed and retracted when not in use. They’re deployed either manually through the use of a hand crank or a built-in motor that operates at the touch of a button. Fixed awnings are installed in a single, permanent position.

Awnings are perhaps one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for adding shade to the pool area and can be installed on pergolas to create a custom canopy of coolness from the sun or attached to homes for shade over patios that are close to pool areas. An awning can be especially beneficial for protecting children from direct sunlight when they’re in the pool.

Retractable awnings are particularly beneficial if your pool is relatively close to your home or patio to provide cooling shade. Awnings are equally effective for in-ground and above ground pools. The crank-style provides the same benefits as a motorized awning, but takes longer to roll out and may not be suitable or convenient if you’re elderly, have arthritis, or similar conditions.

Awnings are a stylish and affordable way to enhance the environment at any pool and increase overall functionality. They provide shade and can be installed to cover an entire pool or a selected portion. They can also add significantly to the value of homes if you’re planning to sell your property. Any type of awning offers a welcome addition to the pool area, providing comfort and versatility.
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Yard Improvements: Pool and Outdoor Barbeque Kitchen

An increasing number of people are eschewing traditional indoor cooking in favor of outdoor barbeque kitchens. They can be customized to provide all the benefits of an indoor kitchen and enable cooks to enjoy outdoor environments at the same time. The kitchens are especially popular when combined with a pool, providing a wealth of entertainment opportunities.

Pools and cookouts naturally go together. Individuals can relax in the pool while working up an appetite to be satisfied with the nearby outdoor kitchen. The two elements are complementary and don’t even have to be large installations to be effective and provide fun. Kitchen elements can be free-standing or more elaborate custom constructed designs complete with pizza ovens.


A pool is a great way to cool off during summer’s heat and with the addition of a pool heater the fun doesn’t have to stop. A heater enables individuals to use their pool far longer than the traditional season. People will primarily be using their pool during the summer months to cool off and relax, and they also have a number of other benefits.

Pools offer an endless array of entertaining possibilities. Even if no one is swimming, it’s a relaxing environment that relieves stress and contributes to psychological health. It’s a fun location to hold themed parties, along with adult or child-only events.

Swimming is also an excellent means of staying fit and healthy without the need to go to a gym or fitness center. When combined with an outdoor barbeque kitchen, it’s a recipe for a range of fun festivities.

Barbeque Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple or elaborate as the space and budget allows. Individuals can purchase the specific premade elements they want to create their own kitchen. Others opt for customized kitchens constructed of brick or stone with all the stainless steel appliances and amenities typically found indoors.

Individuals can outfit their barbeque kitchen with high-tech grills, ovens, and microwaves, along with refrigerators, freezers, sinks and dishwashers. From kitchens built for two to those designed to host large parties, the combination of pools and outdoor kitchens is becoming a staple in homes around the globe.
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Pool Remodeling Done Right

If you considering remodeling your swimming pool there are many ways you can upgrade or make changes that will have you spending more time poolside. Remodeling a swimming pool involves resurfacing and repairing the water systems. Also, it includes installing completely new features. These new features will enhance the swimming experience, customize the swimming area, and possibly add value to your home.

Hot Tub

Nothing will add luxury to a swimming pool than a spa, or hot tub. Also, a hot tub promotes health by providing hydrotherapy. There are three main healing components in a swimming pool hot tub – heat, massage, and buoyancy. So, a deep in the hot tub can relieve muscle pain and mental distress.


A waterfall can dramatically add to the visual appeal of a standard swimming pool. Imagine the sight of water cascading down natural stone into your swimming pool. Well, natural stone can be quite expensive. Fortunately, pool builders can create waterfalls using natural looking artificial stone at a very affordable price.


Pool lighting dictates how much fun you can have after dark. When designing the pool lighting, consider the pool size and design, and the landscape of your yard. For instance, the color of the pool’s interior finish will affect the lighting decisions. With Fiber optic and LED technology, lighting can be incorporated into the pool’s coping and walls. Up-lighting in the pool area is also a good idea. Put light bulbs on trees that are near the pool.

Automated Pool Controls

Swimming pool technology has taken great leaps over the past few years. Now, you can install automatic pool control systems. These computerized systems allow you to control water temperature, water jets, swimming pool lighting, cleaning cycles, and much more, on a wireless controller in your palms.

Now, imagine the possibilities. You can raise the temperature of the water on your way home for spa-like experience when you arrive.


If you ever visited a water park, then you know it would not have been any fun without a water slide. Waterslides now come in different sizes and design. Some are short and offer a quick drop into the water, while others are long and have corkscrew turns.
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