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cold water swimming

Ways That Cold Water Swimming Benefits Your Body

For some people, swimming in the cold water might be the last thing they must have dreamt of doing. Cold Water swimming not only avails you of an exposure plan to get used to the cold water but also offers many health benefits.

How cold water swimming benefits your body

Below given are some of the ways that swimming in the cold pool water can benefit your body:

  • Boosts Immunity

If you swim in cold water on a regular basis, the antioxidant process of the body is regulated, thus boosting the body’s immune system. As the cold water swimming forces your body to respond to the changing conditions, the white blood cell count in the body is also increased. Further, the increased count of these cells, no doubt, strengthens the body’s defense system.

  • Burns Calories

Swimming in cold water maintains your body temperature helps in burning calories. That’s because while you are swimming in the cold water, your heart will have to pump faster, thus making your body work harder and eventually, causing more calories to burn. Another reason for the body to burn more calories in such situations is that the body’s temperature goes down when exposed to cold water and in response to it, it becomes necessary for the body to produce heat by burning more calories.

  • Maintains body shape

Another one of the most crucial advantages of cold water for swimmers’ bodies is that it also works as good physical exercise, thus keeping your body in shape.

  • Relieves pain

When a body with sore muscles or inflammation is dipped into cold water, the water reduces the pain by narrowing the arteries.

  • Improvement in lymphatic circulation

Lymphatic vessels get contracted when forced by the cold water and that contraction further leads to the pumping of the lymphatic fluids to the entire body.

  • Stress Reduction

It is very well known that the human body makes use of endorphins with the purpose of compensating its own pain reliever and the presence of endorphins helps in the reduction of discomfort and stress. The exposure of the body to cold water gives rise to the explosion of endorphins and thus, reduces stress.

  • Increases libido

The production of testosterone in men is also increased when they swim in the cold water, which eventually improves libido.

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saltwater pool

Smart Pool Upgrades that Make Life Easier

Anyone that has a pool knows the work that goes into maintaining it. With the technological advances available today, there are multiple upgrades that can make life easier for pool owners and allow them to spend more time enjoying their pool. Many can be operated with a convenient phone app.

Automatic Cleaning

The systems save a significant amount of time for pool owners and reduces the amount of effort spent in manual cleaning. Bear in mind that periodic manual cleaning will be required by homeowners or by a pool professional since the vacuum systems can’t reach into corners.

Energy Efficiency

LED pool lights, eco-friendly cartridge filters and multiple speed pumps reduce electric bills and can save pool owners up to 90 percent on costs, depending upon the pool and equipment. Energy-efficient pool systems also reduce the time spent cleaning and back washing filters.

Salt Water Chlorinators

A saltwater chlorinator excels at convenience. It eliminates the need for liquid, granular or chlorine tablets. The technology is especially beneficial now with the current chlorine shortage. Chlorine levels are automatically monitored, substantially reducing the potential for itchy eyes and green hair that often occurs as a result of imbalanced chlorine levels.

Smart Controls

Accessing controls for pool lighting, heaters, water features and cleaning can be extremely inconvenient and it’s even worse when someone forgets to turn everything off at the end of the evening. Smart control systems can be operated directly from a mobile device to take care of all those tasks.

UV Sanitation

Pool owners can reduce the amount of time spent adding chemicals – and cleaning – with a UV sanitizing system that uses ultraviolet light. The systems won’t affect the appearance of the pool or cause damage to it. The sanitizers will kill a majority of the microorganisms that inhabit pool water and reduce the number of chemicals required.

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Is a Plunge Pool Right for Your Yard?

One of the advantages of a plunge pool is that it will fit in almost any space, even if your yard is small. With an average length of 20 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep, they can be placed virtually anywhere in your yard. Since they have a flat bottom, you don’t have to worry about dropping off into a “deep end.”

A plunge pool is essentially a mini pool. They’ve enjoyed extensive use in Australia and Europe and are one of the hottest trends in the U.S., especially where space is at a premium. They’re eco-friendly, using far less water than a traditional pool, and can be designed in multiple shapes to accommodate property lines and preferences.

Plunge pools provide an excellent way to cool off and have some water-based fun. An added benefit is that plunge pools can be designed with massage jets for relaxing or resistance jets for low-impact aerobic exercise to maintain health. The pools are also beneficial for those that require aquatic therapy after an injury and are particularly popular with athletes.

Just like a full-size pool, you can opt to install a variety of extras that includes LED lighting, heaters to extend usage time, and small water cascades or waterfalls. If you have children, it can be helpful for teaching them to swim, letting them splash around, or become more comfortable in the water.

Depending on the available space, you might also want to add a small patio or area for grilling. If you have a deck, a plunge pool can be incorporated into the deck itself. Even though a plunge pool requires far less space, the installation is similar to a full-size pool. Drains, filtration and skimmers will need to be installed for a safe and hygienic environment. Even though they’re smaller, plunge pools should never be viewed as a DIY project.

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new pool

Can You Really Afford a New Pool?

A backyard swimming pool is a dream for millions of people. They provide fun, relaxation, beneficial exercise, and relief from heat and humidity. However, most people greatly underestimate the cost of installing the pool, not to mention any of the available options and extras.


The type of material used in the pool’s construction will affect the cost. A concrete pool can cost between $50,000 to $100,000, while a vinyl pool will run between $28,000 to $40,000. A fiberglass pool will cost, on average, between $28,000 to $60,000. The type of finish is another important aspect. Tile is the most expensive.

Access and Landscaping

A variety of other factors will affect the cost that includes the amount of landscaping that needs to be completed to ready the site. Access can be a problem and increase the cost. Areas in which access by machinery and equipment is difficult may require the services of a crane or other specialized equipment that will increase costs.


The size of the pool will significantly contribute to the cost. More soil will need to be removed and extra dirt will need to be hauled away. Larger pools will obviously require more materials for construction and larger filtering and cleaning systems.


The larger the pool, the more expensive it will be to operate, even with automatic, eco-friendly systems. A pool requires regular cleaning and the addition of chemicals for a hygienic environment. Even though many tasks can be automated, you’ll still need to spend some time on cleaning or hire a pool professional.


You can have your pool designed with a wide range of options and features ranging from LED lighting and heating to fountains, waterfalls, cascades and even poolside fire pits.

Safety Measures

Pool safety features aren’t negotiable – they’re the law. You’ll have to erect a fence that meets certain specifications that prevent access to the pool by children, along with specific types of gates and alarm systems may even be required. There may also be pool covers to consider.

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At What Age Can Swimming be Taught?

Learning to swim is an essential skill that every child should know. At the very least, they need to know basic water survival skills. However, not all youngsters learn at the same pace or are ready for lessons at the same age of their peers. Parents need to be aware of those variables before trying to force their child into swimming lessons.

Infant Classes

Despite what many people claim, there’s currently no data that indicates children one year and younger have the ability to learn to swim, nor does it reduce the risk of drowning. Babies don’t have the ability to raise their head out of the water well enough to breathe. Many infants demonstrate rudimentary reflex actions similar to swimming, but it’s not actual swimming. Water play classes can be a good way to introduce babies to water, help them feel comfortable in the water, and it can be fun for parents and babies.

Ages 1 to 4

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that children ages 1-4 begin learning water survival training skills that include floating, treading water, and how to find an exit point. It’s the first step toward learning how to actually swim and the classes are designed to help reduce the risk of drowning. Choose classes in which parents and children both participate.

Ages 4 and Up

Most children will be ready for actual swim lessons at the age of four. They have the physical ability and can follow instructions. Youngsters can learn survival skills if they haven’t already and by the age of 5 or 6, most children can learn the front crawl.


It’s critical that parents understand that swimming classes don’t make a child drown-proof. Every precaution should be taken to prevent children from gaining access to ponds, kiddie pools and other bodies of water, even if they’ve taken a swim class.

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pool expenses

Overlooked Pool Expenses

There are a number of items that can affect the cost of an existing pool or the installation of a new one. Much will depend on the lay of the land and whether it’s a new installation or adding features to an existing pool. Either way, there will be additional costs that most people don’t consider.


Pool owners will typically have 3 to 4 feet of patio space around their pool. While that may be enough for some, many people want more footage to place outdoor furniture or aid in keeping grass and debris from finding its way into the pool. Extra concrete increases the cost.

Dirt Hauling

There’s a lot of dirt that will have to come out of the ground to install a pool and it has to go somewhere. Few individuals are fortunate enough to have enough space in their yard to distribute it and doing so may change the lay of the land, which can lead to drainage problems. The pool installer will have to remove the dirt to another location and it won’t be cheap to move that much soil.


The pool will need access to electrical power to operate. The cost will vary widely and depend on the features installed now or in the future. It includes a pump, salt chlorine generator, heat pump, lighting, hot tub, or an automatic pool cover. Some installers include the cost in their estimate, but some provide a bare bones estimate.


Florida law dictates that pools must have a fence or other secure barrier around pools that adhere to very specific requirements to aid in the prevention of drowning. The fencing must also have a self-locking gate.


Heavy equipment will be used to dig up the ground where the pool will be. Areas outside the excavation site may be damaged. That includes depressions in the ground where the equipment sets or the need to reseed some areas. However, access to the property may include heavy equipment running over a driveway and the weight could damage it.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall isn’t something that everyone will need, but enough people do that it’s worth mentioning. A yard that has a valley, slope or a drop off near the pool will need a retaining wall to keep dirt, debris and water runoff from entering the pool. A wall may be needed if the pool interrupts normal rainwater runoff, if the soil is sandy or loose, or if a slide or fountain is added.

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Ways to Cool Down Your Pool

A swimming pool is an effective way to cool off during the hot days of summer, but some people are actually looking for ways to cool down their pool. Before you begin throwing blocks of ice into the pool, keep in mind that doing so isn’t effective and there are a number of better alternatives.

An increasing number of people are attributing pool temperatures of up to 90 degrees to the effects of global warming. Whether it’s climate change or a lack of sufficient shade near the pool, there are some practical ways to lower the temperature of your pool.


Trees planted around the pool provide welcome shade and will aid in reducing the amount of sun reaching the water, thereby lowering the temperature of pool water.


Many restaurants mist their patios in the summer to create a cooler dining environment for patrons. You can accomplish the same effect by misting down the pool area. It won’t reduce the temperature of the pool water, but it will make the entire pool area more comfortable.

Fountains and Falls

Adding a fountain or waterfall to your pool provides an excellent focal point and is an excellent way to cool a pool. The constant movement of the water cools it through evaporation. You don’t need to perform expensive renovations to enjoy the effects of a fountain.

There are a number of fountains that attach to the pool return. However, it may also result in the need to add water to the pool more often. You’ll also need to monitor and adjust chemical levels accordingly.

Evaporative Coolers

You can lower your pool temperature from 5 to 10 degrees depending upon the size of the pool and the cooler unit. They can be installed as part of the plumbing system of the pool. They’re essentially fans and can be highly effective.

Reversible Heat Pump

They’re highly effective, but they’re also expensive. The pumps can be well worth the cost if you find that your pool experiences consistently warm and uncomfortable swimming temperatures.

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Why Swimming is Good for Arthritis

If there’s any doubt that swimming is beneficial for those with arthritis, all anyone has to do is look at all the classes being held specifically for those with joint conditions. They’re scheduled at disparate locations ranging from health clubs and schools to public pools and physical therapy practices. Swimming is one of the most beneficial types of exercise for those with arthritis and a wide variety of joint-related conditions.

For a truly therapeutic session, make sure the pool will be heated. Swimming utilizes every muscle in the body, stimulates circulation, improves vascular health, and helps build strength. It eases pain, stiffness, and improves flexibility. However, the real advantage of swimming for people with arthritis is the water itself.

An individual in the water isn’t supporting the entirety of their own weight or experiencing the full effect of gravity due to the buoyancy that water provides. That makes it easier to move and reduces the stress on bones and joints. It’s not weightlessness but offers a small taste of what astronauts experience. A person weighing 100 pounds on land will feel like they weigh about 69 pounds in the water.

Water provides buoyancy and relieves the forces of gravity on the body. Less effort has to be expended to move, which places less stress on the body. The amount of water that a body displaces is equal to the upward amount of buoyancy. The buoyancy factor of water helps support and hold a person up.

There’s a misconception that swimming for arthritis relief is primarily for seniors. Swimming is equally advantageous for people of all ages. Anyone experiencing soreness, pain, or difficult movement can benefit. Swimming is also an excellent exercise for anyone experiencing lingering effects from accidents. It’s always best to ensure that the sessions will be monitored or a lifeguard is on duty for complete safety.

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Floating Your Stress Away

Many people still remember the isolation tanks, also known as sensory deprivation tanks, of the 1970s in which people floated in a layer of liquid to relieve stress. The good news is that you don’t have to deprive yourself of music or birdsong to relieve stress. Just take a relaxing float around your swimming pool.

Floating activates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system. The body’s heart rate slows down, blood pressure lowers, and levels of the stress hormone cortisol is decreased, which places you in a relaxation mode. It requires little to no effort on your part. Sessions should be limited to an hour and are typically performed twice a week.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that flotation therapy is effective for relieving stress and as a complimentary treatment for anxiety disorders and depression. It’s also been shown to be beneficial for relieving headaches, increasing circulation and addressing muscle tension, along with improved sleep and creativeness. While most floating research has been performed in salt water pods, a chlorine-based pool is also beneficial.

Floating relieves tension and stress on muscles. The water buoys the body and reduces the effects of gravity. Home salt pools are trending across the nation, with many individuals installing a small pool in their backyard for that purpose. Floating also works as a detoxification process. That’s why it’s important to shower and drink plenty of water afterward. The effects have been reported to be similar to a massage.

You can wear earplugs to limit or eliminate outside sounds. However, some people like to listen to soothing music while they float at home. Conversely, a floating session scheduled at a spa or other facility will involve no outside stimulus and may be performed in the dark. It’s not a good option for everyone, as some people experience more stress under those conditions.

Floating relieves stress and activates the body’s natural healing abilities. Being able to float at home in your own pool provides a comfortable and familiar environment that’s reassuring and enhance the benefits.

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pool deck

Great Accents for your Pool Deck

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to decorate your pool deck to make it more inviting, comfortable, and expand the uses for the space. A good place to begin is with seating. One of the great things about furnishings for the pool deck is that they’re waterproof, comfortable, stylish, and can also provide additional storage space for games and other items.

Umbrellas and Canopies

You can choose an umbrella or canopy to accommodate any style and provide much-needed shade during the hottest portion of the day. There’s a myriad of styles from which to choose that enables anyone to decorate the space to resemble a Caribbean getaway or a posh resort.

Fireplace and Heaters

A fireplace promotes togetherness and provides a focal point for gathering. If you don’t have the space or budget for an outdoor fireplace, there are outdoor heaters that can serve multiple purposes.


Gathering around the grill is a favorite family pastime in the summer. A grill or an outdoor kitchen provides the facilities for a planned celebration or an impromptu get together.


Whether it’s the adults gathering at the bar for drinks or a smoothie party for the kids, there are multiple bar styles from which to choose. You can select from those in the style of a beachfront tiki bar or a more sophisticated option.

Media Lounge

An increasing number of people are transforming their pool deck into media centers complete with waterproof TVs. It’s a great place to play video games, watch sports events, or hold a family film night.

Decorative Lighting

You can transform your pool deck into a wonderland of light and color. The illumination will also provide an extra level of safety around the pool. Multiple options are available encompassing string lights in shapes, colored lanterns, or solar-powered deck lights.


Food and drink are the great uniters, bringing family and friends together to share good times. It’s easy to be prepared for guests with the addition of a mini cooler to hold beverages or a mini fridge to hold anything from beverages and condiments for the grill to cold treats.

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